Risk Warning

We sincerely and solemnly remind you to read the following risk warning carefully before joining the BIB Meta ecosystem or making BIB Meta-related investments:
BIB Meta is a decentralized Web3 ecological project which its main function is to lower the threshold for users to immerse in Web3 and reduce the risks associated with identifying projects. When you invest your resources in Web3, you may receive profits generated by the project investment according to your share. Meanwhile, you may also bear the losses caused by it.
Before you make an investment decision, please read the project white paper, website introduction, token allocation ratio and other legal documents to fully understand the risk-return characteristics and product features of Web3. Please carefully consider the risk factors of BIB Meta as well as fully consider your own risk tolerance according to your investment purpose, period, experience, asset status and other factors. Based on the understanding of BIB Meta, you shall make rational judgment and prudent investment decisions.
Based on legal opinions in some regions, BIB Meta releases the following risk disclosures:
Depending on the projects in the ecosystem, BIB Meta is divided into different dimensions such as community nodes, NFT fusion and trading, token dividends, GameFi and so on. You may expect various opportunities as well as different levels of risk when you invest in the ecosystem. In general, the higher the return expectation, the higher the risk you ought to bear.
BIB Meta may face various risks in the course of investment operations, including market risk, management risk of specific projects, technology risk and compliance risk. In which, market risks include the downturn of trend that gives rise to low traffic, cyber attacks that cause losses as well as effects brought by the law and regulations of particular regions and countries.
You shall fully understand the nature of Web3 and the BIB Meta projects before making any investments. The project owner does not have full control over the projects after deployment, which the ownership of the assets in it belongs to the community users. Meanwhile, fixed-term investment is a simple and easy way to guide investors in making long-term investments and average investment costs, but it does not hedge the risks contained in BIB Meta investments. BIB Meta does not guarantee investors any returns, and is not a substitute for traditional securities, funds and other effective financial management methods.
Risk disclosure for special types of products.
(1) If you invest in BIB token, you will have to bear the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the BIB token and the stable coins, USDT and USDC in addition to the fluctuation of the token value itself.
(2) If you stake BIB token, you will face liquidity constraints during the staking period due to asset freezing in accordance with the project rules and regulations.
The past performance of BIB Meta and the price of its tokens are not indicative of its future performance. Besides, the performance of other businesses managed by the project owner, such as BIB Exchange, does not constitute a guarantee of BIB Meta's performance. BIB Meta reminds you of the Caveat Emptor principles of investment in which after making an investment decision, the investment risk arising from changes in the operation of the project and the value of the token is at your own risk.
BIB Meta applies funding in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and it's white paper, related descriptions, and product information summary will be published on its official website.