Launch of BIB Meta NFT

Issuing public chain: BSC
Protocol: ERC721A, BSC chain supports ERC721 protocol
Royalty settings: 7.5%
Marketplace Fee: 2.5%
Quantity: 160 football players, 150 1-star cards for each player, total 24,000 NFTs. 10 additional tier S players' 3-star cards for auction.
Additional Notes:
a. BIB Meta is going along with people’s favorite Qatar World Cup 2022, creating the trading cards of a total of 32 teams with 800+ players.
b. BIB Meta will design the NFTs based on the top 5 players of each team according to their personal net worth on transfermarkt for World Cup 2022. By also referring to WhoScored and other related websites, 160 players will be graded in accordance with tiers of S/A/B/C based on the ratings of all soccer players which the numbers are 10/30/50/70 respectively.
c. Each football star has 150 1-star trading cards made available for sale, and every 5 trading cards can be fused into one with higher star. Along with the 3-star cards of 10 tier S football stars, there will ideally be only 170 3-star cards and 160 4-star cards left in the end.