Technological Competitive Advantages and Innovation

1. High Performance and Stability

BIB integrates internal memory matching algorithms, asynchronous non-blocking read and write mechanism, distributed real-time information transfer and related advanced technologies to maintain high reliability, performance, security as well as ease of operation.

2. Multiple Security Measures

BIB Meta submitted CertiK to work with SlowMist, a global famous blockchain security audit for code audit to obtain security audit reports. In addition, BIB proposes a whole range of security solutions with the experience and capability of its professional team to ensure the security of digital assets. At the system security level, a threat-aware system, vulnerability management system and emergency response system are built. For client data security, in addition to applying technologies such as digital encryption, invisible watermark, access control and manufacturer check authorization system, a strict multi-level employee verification system is built according to CCSS, related data protection and privacy regulations. With reference to asset security, an alarm system for asset flow is built to block abnormal intrusion. Likewise, multiple firewalls are partitioned to achieve border protection and authority control to prevent cyber attacks.

3. Decentralized Prophecy Machine Systems

In order to achieve data authenticity and reliability for prevention of data forgery, BIB Meta adopts a prophecy machine system to ensure that the smart contracts are docked to the off-chain real-time data. This is to prevent data nodes from being manipulated, thus ensuring the authenticity and reliability of data interaction with smart contracts.

4. Distributed Storage of Metadata

The metadata in NFT records the characteristics of an image. Hence, it is used to store images. NFT collectors are able to see their collections in wallets only provided that the metadata is complete and permanent. If the metadata is corrupted or lost, collectors will no longer see the images. To avoid such a despondent situation, BIB Meta uses the token URI function of NFT in a distributed storage mechanism to guarantee the asset ownership.