In response to the above market pain points, we are proud to have proposed the BIB Meta Web3 project. With NFT as the core and BIB token as the main pillar, we provide a landfall for users to start their journey in Web3. The project embraces NFT, DeFi, GameFi, etc. and will address the aforementioned market pain points from five perspectives.

1. Combination of Web3 and Exchange to Solve the Problems of Traffic and Capital

In order to solve the problems of Web3 in connection with capital and traffic, BIB Meta will be combined with BIB Exchange. This in many ways aids BIB Meta since BIB Exchange is a centralized trading platform that owns convenient and smooth transaction and traffic channels.
On the whole, BIB Exchange is a world’s leading digital asset trading and asset custody platform that provides professional digital financial services to more than 2 million users worldwide with an average daily asset flow of more than USD 1 billion.

2. Code Audit and a Dedicated Team to Protect Asset Security

For the security of Web3, BIB Meta has a top-notch security team that conducts code audits to ensure zero product risk.
Users’ awareness of phishing websites is exceptionally vital these days as it potentially leads to the exposure of their private keys. Thus, causing irreparable asset theft. BIB Meta carries on the role as a reminder by incorporating various security prompts in its operation to protect user assets so that users may start their journey of Web3 with us confidently.

3. Web3's Natural Advantage in User Privacy Protection

In comparison with Web 2.0 where user information is in the hands of large companies and institutions, Web3 has a natural advantage in terms of the protection of user privacy.
Taking BIB Meta as an example, users are able to join the BIB Meta Web3 ecosystem without identity verification. Specifically, a cryptocurrency digital wallet that links to BIB Meta is the only thing required. Users can also apply for multiple wallets and only need to remember the private keys without having to reveal personal privacy information such as email address, phone number and others.
Moreover, all transaction records and processes in the BIB Meta Web3 ecosystem will be saved to the chain. This truly protects the privacy and security of users as no company or entity, not even the founding party of the project itself, will be able to access the user's data.

4. Convergence of NFT, DeFi and GameFi to Address Ecological Construction

To resolve the lack of diversity in the decentralized Web3 ecosystem, we profoundly believe in the notion that multiple projects such as NFT, DeFi and GameFi can be integrated and empowered by each other.
As an illustration, BIB Meta drives the empowerment cycle by establishing NFT, DeFi and GameFi.
First: Users can buy BIB tokens for minting NFT through token burning
Second: NFT can be fused to upgrade its level, which a high-star NFT can be used as a community node ticket for users to stake and gain attractive profits
Third: GameFi offers multi-dimensional gameplay such as match prediction, penalty shoot-out, NFT team competitions, collection achievements, etc.
The three aspects are cyclically empowered to build a decentralized and diversified ecosystem.

5. Combination of Web3 and Centralized Trading Platform to Fill the Current Market Gap

Since there is no Web3 ecological project in the market that combines with a centralized trading platform, BIB Meta's move is all at once, an opportunity and a challenge.
With reference to products, BIB Exchange provides BIB token holders benefits such as discounts on trading fee, IEO whitelist and many more. In this way, BIB Meta in sooth becomes significantly more influential and attractive. BIB Exchange also provides funding and traffic support to BIB Meta in terms of marketing. As for fairness, data related to NFT royalties, transaction fees, commissions of match prediction and other revenues is always available on the chain transparently.
The above solutions are just the beginning. In the future, the ecological map includes deep empowerment of BIB token and NFT through card collection, quizzes, games, etc. Apart from that, more DeFi (e.g. decentralized lending/insurance), cross-chain (ETH, Polygon, Polkadot), and cross-border (basketball, e-sports) gameplay will be unlocked in the fullest of time.